Commercial Hull and P&I

International Marine Underwriters commercial hull insurance

Our Commercial Hull insurance protects coastwise and inland brown-water vessels such as: tugs/push boats, commercial fishing vessels, dredges, sport-fishing charter boats, ferries, head boats, barges of all types and research vessels.

Eligible Classes

  • Commercial vessel owners or operators
  • Tug and barge operators
  • Marine transportation operators
  • Excursion companies
  • Marine contractors
  • Boat or ship builders

Hull Covers

  • Physical damage to the hull caused by fire, explosion and other marine perils 
  • Damage to machinery and other equipment and apparatus installed on the vessel 
  • Collision liability can be covered up to the value of the vessel 
  • Additional coverage is available for excess collision liability and strikes, riots and war risks.

Protection & Indemnity

  • Written in conjunction with Commercial Hull insurance, Protection & Indemnity insurance protects vessel owners or operators against liability for:
    • Personal injury
    • Loss of life
    • Third-party property damage
    • Other vessel-related expenses incurred during its operation
  • Crew coverage protects against liability for loss of life or personal injury
  • Includes defense coverage for an insured against suits by third parties
  • Cargo Legal Liability can be included, and liability for pollution damages resulting from operations can be covered

Hull Builder's Risk

Our Builder's Risk policy is an Agreed Value contract usually rated at the completed contract price, including the value of materials and equipment destined for the vessel. It also provides an escalation option to adjust the agreed value of the policy. Coverage includes: 

  • All risks of physical loss or damage to the vessel 
  • Any plans, staging, molds or scaffolding, if included in the insured value 
  • Launching and trial trips within 250 miles of the named construction location; policy can be endorsed to cover delivery trips 
  • Collision and Protection & Indemnity coverage for the insured against liability arising during the currency of the policy.