Staying Connected during COVID-19
May 19, 2020

Like many organizations, at International Marine Underwriters, we are trying to find creative ways to stay connected during this unprecedented time of social distancing and remote work.

Ever since the company transitioned to remote work, IMU’s North Pacific Region has had regular conference calls.  Recently they upgrade those calls to be FaceTime calls.

“It’s  wonderful to see each other’s faces, and feel more connected than to just a phone speaker,” says IMU’s Lauren Dixon. “I sure miss my team, but this was the closest thing we’ve gotten to ‘realness’. “  The team is also participating in a 30 day song challenge, where team members pick one song a day based on a unique daily category. Learning a bit more about everyone’s musical tastes and interests has brought some unique fun.

Pictured from top to bottom: Sara Farren, Dawn Dulay, Leilani Sinkula, Candice Yi, Lauren Dixon