IMU Now Offering Cyber Coverage
October 3, 2018

We are pleased to announce that IMU has expanded its product offering with information risk coverage to address a broad range of cyber incidents including data breach, threat of intrusion or interference with computer systems, damage to data and systems from cyber-attack and cyber-related litigation. Coverage is available as an endorsement to an existing IMU marine policy, including yacht club, marina and commercial marine package and certain hull and protection & indemnity policies.

“We’re pleased to bring this new product to our customers” said Bob Gallagher, President of International Marine Underwriters. “While cyber threat in the marine industry is still an emerging risk, today’s digital environment and network dependence will increase the need for such protection and will become integral coverage for many of our customers.”

IMU’s cyber coverage includes first-party and third-party liability coverage for threats including data compromise response expenses; computer attack; cyber extortion; data compromise liability; network security liability; and electronic media liability. Additionally, customers will have access to cyber-specific resources and services through eRiskHub®, an online risk management portal designed to help customers prepare and respond quickly and effectively to data breach and cyber-attacks.

For more information, contact your local underwriter.