• Commercial Hull

    We write Hull and Machinery and Protection and Indemnity coverage for tugs, barges, work boats, passenger vessels, fishing vessels and various vessels of specialized use.
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  • Marine Liability

    Our Marine Liability products provide coverage for charterers, marina operators, ship repairers, stevedores, terminal operators and wharfingers. Learn more »
  • Marine Packages

    Our Marine Packages include products for marinas, boat dealers, yacht clubs, boat builders and other commercial marine operations. Learn more »
  • Ocean Cargo

    Our customized ocean cargo product includes coverage for goods moving internationally by land, sea and air, including optional expanded coverage for purely inland transit movements by all modes of transit as well as warehouse, processing and consolidation at various points during transit. Learn more »
  • Yacht/Boat

    We provide protection specifically designed for the unique needs of today’s yacht owner, written in plain language so that your client can fully understand the coverage we provide. Learn more »
  • Inland Marine

    IMU has a seasoned team of responsive underwriting experts in place to assist you with your Inland Marine, and related property coverage needs, including contractors who support and service the energy industry. Learn more »
  • Marine Manufacturing

    Whether it's coverage for boat manufacturing facilities, recreational marine accessory producers or a variety of other manufacturers in the marine segment, our @vantage Package offers a tailored solution. Learn more »
  • Programs

    Our expertise in ocean and inland marine insurance can offer a fresh approach to an existing program or take a program idea from a concept to reality. Learn more »

The ocean and inland marine business is highly competitive and moves quickly. Know-how is pivotal in building a thriving business, and in delivering the right solution to help protect it.


As a longtime leading provider of ocean, recreational and inland marine insurance products, International Marine Underwriters (IMU) can be your competitive advantage. Our exceptional expertise, regional focus and financial stability means you will receive tailored coverages to handle your particular risk exposures, and local knowledge and dependable protection to help you maintain your competitive edge. Additionally, our network of claims professionals in more than 150 countries will help to ensure that you experience a fair and expedient claim resolution process.


IMU; in today's marine marketplace, these three letters can make all the difference.

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